• Business Summary

    While the term “business community” is often used without much thought, the South Shore business community is truly about community. Anyone who has lived here for even a couple years would confirm the unique status of our South Shore business community within the “Tahoe Lifestyle.” The two go hand-in-hand.

    Our business owners repeatedly “step up” in times of great need, but they also routinely open their doors to host fundraisers they attend benefits, donate to worthy causes, and generally go far above and beyond to aid their community. And in turn, Tahoe locals make it a priority to show their appreciation by supporting local business, aware as well that doing so benefits their community as a whole. Whether those businesses are run by friends or not, residents share a heightened awareness of our interdependence.

    These qualities explain how and why the South Shore has rebounded from the challenges of higher than average unemployment rates that persisted for several years. Our resilience is a testimony to this partnership and mutual reliance between the business community and the people it serves, and how the chamber helps facilitate it.  Learn more about our members in the Business Directory.