• Tahoe Chamber works towards economic, community & environmental sustainability.


    Tahoe Prosperity Center & The Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan:

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    In early 2007 Tahoe Chamber convened a broad group of regional economic and business development specialists to discuss how best to strengthen and diversify the Basin’s economy. After our initial meetings, research and an invitation to the Deputy Director of the Economic Development Authority (EDA) under the Federal Secretary of Commerce were completed we had the basis of a road map. We broadened the representation on the Steering Committee to include the entire Tahoe Basin. Efforts to secure a federal grant from the EDA were successful and so too were our requests for matching funds to all six of the local jurisdictions. After numerous community meetings and the willingness of the local representatives to work diligently and without ego throughout the process the Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan (LTBPP) was published at the end of 2010. Click here to view a pdf of the LTBPP.

    The LTBPP recommended strategies for economic prosperity be focused on the most viable business sectors of: i) Tourism - recreation and geotourism, ii) Health and Wellness and iii) Environmental Innovation. The plan suggests that the clusters would not reach their potential without the community providing much needed infrastructure necessary to all such as a viable Regional Plan update, broadband, transportation and significant improvements to the dated and unattractive built environment. The plan recommended one regional economic development entity in order to continue the collaborative process, leverage resources and achieve success. As with many things collaborative, and especially those led by busy volunteer leaders the process sometimes is a time consuming one, but the basin now has its first economic development entity called the Tahoe Prosperity Center. The dedicated board is comprised of business, government, health, tourism, education and finance experts from around the Tahoe Basin including Tahoe Chamber CEO, “B” Gorman. The TPC has already begun working on Broadband and facilitating economic and transportation forums as a part of its work. 

    For more information on the TPC please visit www.tahoeprosperity.org.


    Community Indicators Project:

    Commencing in 2006 a broad consortium of community interests including education, health care, public safety, business, social services and government was convened for the purposes of creating a reliable set of community indicators. The primary sponsors for this effort were TahoeChamber and the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association with funding provided by the Army Corp of Engineers.

    The process was a long and collaborative one that resulted in the first publication of the Indicators Report at the close of 2010. Click here to see this report. Due to the regional nature of this report’s contents both of the original partners to the endeavor have agreed that the 5 year update should be led by our newly formed regional economic development entity the Tahoe Prosperity Center and we look forward to partnering with them in the process during 2014 and 2015.