• Political Action in California

    2017 marks the start of a new two-year legislative session in California. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee is already scanning the political horizon for likely major statewide issues. 

     We work with the California Chamber of Commerce (Cal Chamber) and their network of policy analysts to help us stay current on legislative proposals that will or may impact businesses, community organizations, the state’s regulatory environment, natural resources, transportation policy and funding, grant programs, and other issues of interest to our members and community.   We work with a variety of Tahoe organizations and agencies in support of legislative initiatives identified as important for our communities and region. Tahoe Chamber frequently plays a role to help shape legislation developed to benefit Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP).

    The role of the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee is to engage with California legislative proposals and to take actions, as the Committee deems appropriate in support or opposition. Committee actions may involve recommendations made to the Chamber Board of Directors.

    For more information, contact Tahoe Chamber Government Affairs Liaison Steve Teshara at steve@tahoechamber.org.


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