• Chamber Committees

    Below is a list of committees working with staff to provide membership benefits. There are numerous opportunities for members to get involved.  Please contact us if you would like to join a committee or task force.

    Staff: Events Director, Emily Abernathy
    Members are kept confidential.

    During the summer committee members will energize the community to make nominations.  Committee members each make one presentation to a service club, board, company or agency on the value and benefits of the Blue Ribbon Awards program.  October and November are devoted to nomination reviews and visits to see firsthand the success of nominated business or individuals.   Committee members work through an established process to ultimately decide each category winner.

    Looking for: Individuals familiar with South Shore businesses and community; comfortable speaking in front of small to mid-sized groups; those who like to do “feel good work” and understand the importance of recognizing businesses for going above and beyond the status quo. 

    Interested in joining? Contact us!

    Meets every other month, time varies
    Chair: Mike Johnson
    Staff: Communications Coordinator, Amber Llovet
    Members: Michelle Turner, Jim Warlow, John Packer, Hanna Bernard, Sally Gunter, Molly Hucklebridge

    These individuals will work create and refine effective brand messaging for the chamber to its members and the community. The goal of this committee in 2015 is to craft and execute a campaign to celebrate the Chamber’s 60th Anniversary through local and online media.

    Looking for: Creative individuals with marketing and/or PR expertise; superb communicators who are detail-oriented but see the big picture; familiar with new media, social networks and marketing methods

    Interested in joining? Contact us!

    Meets second Thursday of the month, 4:00pm
    Chair: Coleen Shade
    Staff: CEO, B Gorman 
    Members: Lynda Ribaudo, Jim Warlow, Jason Drew, Todd Poth, Stacy Noyes, Natalie Yanish, Nick Exline, Liz Lundholm, John Packer

    The Government Affairs Committee stays abreast of policies, regulations and plans that can impact the economic vitality of our community. Members of this committee advocate for regulations, plans and public policies that align with the Vision of Tahoe Chamber and the business community.

    Looking for: Political junkies who are already dialed into watching, learning and listening to what’s going on in government affairs. Those who have relationships or a business reason to develop or maintain relationships and awareness are an excellent fit.

    Interested in joining? Contact us!

    Meets fourth Tuesday of the month, 4:00 pm
    Chair: Mike McLaughlin
    Staff: Membership Services Director, Justin Sinner
    Members: Carl Fair, Mike McLaughlin, Lyndsay Bryant, Rosemary Wood, Ambassadors

    This committee is focused on activities that encourage new memberships and ensure strong retention. Phone calls, business visits and attending events make up the fun for this crew. Committee members and Ambassadors extend a warm welcome and conduct outreach to connect members to one another and the chamber. A goal for 2015 will be to grow membership especially drawing from well established businesses that are not yet supporting our efforts. Ambassadorship can be a doorway to a board position so board members on this committee are encouraged to be talent scouts as well! 

    Looking for: Individuals who have strong ties and relationships with business owners in the community and want to ensure those businesses benefit as they have from the services and programs offered by the chamber. This can be a great committee for those who professionally benefit from interacting with a wide variety of businesses people in our community.

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    Meets bi-monthly
    Events Director, Emily Abernathy
    Chair: Mike Peron
    Members: Brandon Reed, Carl Fair, Lynda Ribaudo, Renee Hargrove, Georgette Hartley

    Committee members visit wineries, restaurants and events to recruit the best of our region to participate in Sample the Sierra. (Restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries, artisans, artists, galleries, performers etc.) Committee members are expected to recruit at least two F&B vendors.  They also share their passion for the event by recruiting volunteers to work alongside the committee during the event. The committee will be involved in developing ancillary events and business to business opportunities.  

    Looking for: Foodies and winos should apply! It wouldn’t hurt if you also had connections and the ability to persuade others to get onboard with our very own farm to fork movement!

    Interested in joining? Contact us!