• Standing Up for Standup Paddle

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    South Tahoe Standup Paddle is South Shore’s original SUP shop. CEO Chris Brackett and his team have led the way in pioneering an emerging sport and marketing South Lake Tahoe as a world-class paddling destination. On Feb. 6, Tahoe Chamber was proud to help secure a unanimous City Council vote to award the El Dorado Beach Boat Launch Concession to South Tahoe Standup Paddle, the existing operator. This came after a City selection process had recommended the concession be awarded to a company based in Tahoe City. In making their decision, the Council considered additional factors the Chamber helped identify that clearly and appropriately gave the award to a long-time local business and Chamber member. Congratulations to South Tahoe Standup Paddle!
    At that same meeting, Tahoe Chamber supported member businesses along Ski Run Boulevard that are assessed City fees for the maintenance of landscaping and other amenities within the “Ski Run Business Improvement District.” The City’s first proposal was to increase fees to cover the cost of maintenance expenses. As an alternative, the Chamber urged a dialogue between City staff and business owners aimed at the goal of reducing expenses. Kudos to longtime Chamber member Jeff Cowan, the owner of Blue Angel Cafe, for his effective leadership and commitment to help move the dialogue forward. The Chamber will remain engaged.
    These actions were consistent with the Chamber’s mission to develop, promote and represent the South Shore business community.
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