• 2017 Tahoe Chamber Membership Survey Results Report

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    Thank you to everyone that completed the 2017 Tahoe Chamber Membership Survey. Your feedback helps us to better identify what you -- the membership -- values most and how well the Chamber delivers on these most-valued benefits. We will continue to solicit your feedback on a number of membership related topics throughout the year. Please watch upcoming issues of our Tahoe Chamber Weekly for more information and opportunities to participate.
    2017 Tahoe Chamber Membership Survey: Member-Defined Areas of Importance
    The 2017 Membership Survey results show several recurring themes that rank highest in value to Tahoe Chamber members. The membership consistently valued the Chamber’s role in building business relationships in the community, promoting the community, and Chamber advocacy in the areas that affect the business community – including business growth and workforce development – as most important. Members also valued the Chamber’s role as a central hub for reliable business information.
    Members weighted the following programs and services most valuable:
    • Advocacy for South Shore business with local/regional government
    • Information shared through Tahoe Chamber communication channels
    • Marketing Exposure
    • Networking/Mixers Event
    At least 90% of members feel:
    • It is important for the Tahoe Chamber to be a Champion for a stronger, more engaged community
    • It is important for the Tahoe Chamber to be a catalyst for workforce training, business growth and strengthening the local economy
    • It is important for the Tahoe Chamber to represent the “interests of business with government” on issues that affect the business community
    • It is important for the Tahoe Chamber to provide programs and events to help build business relationships
    • It is important for the Tahoe Chamber to promote the overall community
    Members scored the Chamber highest in the following areas:
    • The Chamber excels being a proven hub of reliable information within the business community
    • The Chamber excels at embracing age diversity (generational) throughout the organization
    If you have questions or comments regarding the 2017 Membership Survey, please contact a Tahoe Chamber staff member at 775.588.1728:
    Steve Teshara, CEO                                                                                       Emily Abernathy, Operations              
    Steve@TahoeChamber.org                                                                              Emily@TahoeChamber.org
    Brittani Curtis, Marketing/Communications                                                    Katie Meyers, Membership
    Brittani@TahoeChamber.org                                                                            Katie@TahoeChamber.org
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