• 2017 SnowGlobe Business Impact Survey Report

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    On January 3, the Chamber administered a Flash Survey to the Chamber membership through the Tahoe Chamber Weekly eNewsletter. Flash surveys are meant to be a qualitative research tool that can be used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations on the subject matter being evaluated. These surveys are concise and have a brief response period.
    Given the qualitative nature of these surveys, results are not representative of the entire South Shore Business Community and should not be treated as such. We believe there is value in these surveys as they can provide insight into ongoing community initiatives, challenges, and more, as well as help to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential improvements and solutions.

    • The 2017 Tahoe Chamber SnowGlobe Business Impact Survey was administered electronically to the Chamber Membership via the Tahoe Chamber Weekly
    • Length of survey: 6 questions
    • The survey period was Jan. 3-5, 2018 (survey participants had three days to submit responses)
    • We received 36 completed surveys, resulting in a 6% membership response rate
    • Of the 36 surveys, 24 respondents (67%) identified as lodging, restaurant, or retail
    Results in Brief
    Of the respondents of the 2017 Tahoe Chamber SnowGlobe survey, 22% identified as lodging, 28% as restaurant, 19% as retail, and 33% as other.
    Overall Results
    The following results focus on restaurant, retail, and lodging responses:
    • More than half (52%) of businesses saw no reduction in business over the holiday season due to lack of snow
    • 71% of businesses believe SnowGlobe impacted their business
    • 63% of businesses saw an increase in customer traffic, while 58% of businesses saw a positive financial impact
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